Abbildung von The broken Kite

The broken Kite


"Atumn. Kite flying time. A little child, hardly any yet, finding its feed and still wobbling, is dragging a broken kite hanging behind on the bottom, where dystopic railings and dark shapes of adults far behind in the background create an ambivalent mood being reminiscent of prison walls or labour camps in the last century. Its face and gesture appeals withdrawn into itself looking down at its broken kite for a long minute. I see me staying there. 40 years ago. What will it be in 20 years? ... Wanderings ... Sanitary views ... Maybe we formatted our collective memory and lost rise in terms of civilization when we stopped deifying writers, painters and scientists in favour of singers/bands & presenters. Maybe... " ("The Broken Kite", short novel by S. G. Ugovsky-Strassburger)

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