The Mauersegler Protocol (Motion picture)

On set for the film shooting to the mondial spy motion picture again

In January / February 2016, the film and theater actress Karin Ugowski is on camera for the filming of the motion picture "Mauersegler" (Spy / Polit-Thriller, directed by Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger) for scenes of historical retrospection in France and Poland again.

Involved artists / Involvierte Künstler
Actor | Vocal artist | Singer | Narrator | Producer

Karin Ugowski

German film and theater actress, voice actress, narrator, film producer and furtherer of art and culture
Composer | Writer | Screenwriter | Novelist | Musical Director | Producer | Playwright | Conductor | Cinematographer

Sebastian Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger

One of the most uncompromising and versital all-out artists ever existed where one type of art causes and leads to the other.